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  • What can I expect from the free Physical Therapy consultation?
    This is your opportunity to tell me about your pain, discomfort, or anything that is getting in the way of you reaching your goals. We can then determine if we'd be a good fit working together. If a good fit, we'll then transition into an evaluation call to help determine any muscular imbalances, strength deficits, mobility deficits, injuries that could occur in the near future based on biomechanics and muscular firing patterns, and more!
  • What can I expect from virtual concierge physical therapy?
    After our evaluation call, I'll customize a virtual PT program for you that includes targeted exercises to address your injury pain and behavior. This will help reduce your pain and allow you to return to a pain-free lifestyle after consistency and completion of the program. Included will be exercises that mimic your sport & lifestyle demands. You'll receive 2-3 programs that are to be performed weekly and updated every 2-4 weeks (depending on which virtual PT tier you choose). You'll have 24/7 access to me through my app with fully customized care!
  • Do you accept insurance?
    I don't accept insurance but you can pay with your FSA/HSA card! If you don't have an FSA/HSA card to pay with, you may request to be sent an invoice which can be submitted to your insurance for reimbursement! Being cash-based allows me to not be dictated by insurance rules and regulations, allowing you to receive the highest quality and individualized care. I have the flexibility of taking a full body approach which therefore yields better outcomes and faster recovery!
  • How will you know if my injury is getting better?
    The virtual concierge physical therapy service is set up so we have frequent video call check-in's. During these calls, we'll talk about how the exercises are feeling, pain levels throughout the day, and much more! Being licensed and trained with my Doctorate in Physical Therapy, I understand pain behavior and can modify programs to achieve goals. This includes understanding symptoms that indicate if an injury is getting worse or better. Through exercise manipulation and prescription, you will get better!
  • Who can benefit from performance 1:1 coaching?
    If you're seeking a training plan that takes into account your history, injuries, current and future goals, and is accommodative to your schedule, then 1:1 coaching is for you! 1:1 coaching is personally customized to fit YOUR lifestyle.
  • What can performance coaching help me achieve?
    Performance coaching can help you reach your full potential by setting and attaining goals, improving skills, increasing motivation, and enhancing overall performance in various aspects of life all injury-free with my non-linear approach!
  • What can I expect from signing up for performance coaching?
    You'll work with me to identify your goals, create action plans, and receive guidance to overcome challenges, all while fostering personal growth and success. I will then curate the plan that best suits your goals and lifestyle. You will receive training plans for 1 month, updated monthly depending on your tolerance and improvements with the plan!
  • What if I'm not located near you?
    I offer online performance coaching, using a combination of virtual video calls and phone calls to meet your goals.
  • Do I have to commit to a certain amount of time?
    No - payments will run monthly. You'll never be locked into a contract. Train with me for however long you'd like!
  • How will we communicate?
    You will receive regular contact with me through either email, text, or phone calls. We'll choose what's easiest for you!
  • Are your coaching programs only for runners?
    1:1 run coaching services will only be for runners but the 1:1 strength coaching can be for anyone! During your initial consultation call, we'll discuss your current and past training levels, goals, injury history, and any other pertinent information.
  • What online programs & services do you offer?
    I offer online running plans for beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels and strength training programs. Running plans range from 8-18 weeks of training depending on the race you're training for and goals. I make plans for all types of races including 5K, 10K, half marathon, and marathons.
  • How much time should I set aside for the programs?
    The lifting programs take anywhere from 30-45 minutes. The running programs will be based on your goals and milage set for that day.
  • Do I need equipment?
    You may need resistance bands, kettlebells, or dumbbells. If you don't have that equipment, the 1-1 strength coaching would be better suited for you so I can customize a training plan that uses only body weight exercises or equipment that you have that isn't listed above.
  • How many lifts would be provided each week with a program?
    You will receive 3 full body lifts each week that I update monthly. All plans will include a mix of upper body, lower body, core, and specific exercises to optimize running performance (if you're a runner). I suggest lifting every other day for adequate muscle recovery. If you need more 1:1 assistance with how to integrate your strength training plan into your running plan, I suggest contacting me about my 1:1 coaching program so I can assist you the best!
  • Do you make plans for beginner through advanced lifters and runners?
    I am equipt with the knowledge and experience to make running and lifting plans for ALL levels! You can choose a beginner, intermediate/advanced running plan and I have ready-to-go strength training programs. If you would like a more specific plan to meet your goals, 1:1 performance coaching would be better suited for you.
  • How will I recieve the running or training plans?
    I will send them through email or phone on Microsoft Word/Excel or Google docs.
  • If I'm injured, will the online programs help me?
    If injured, I recommend you set up an injury assessment & recovery consultation with me or purchase the injury recovery program so I can evaluate your injury and best assist you. Once we address the injury and have it under control, 1:1 run or strength coaching would be next best so I can address your injury in your plan of care. Once your are pain-free, online programs would be beneficial for maintenance which would include mobility and stability exercises to prevent future injury.
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