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Or Battling a Chronic Injury That Never Fully Healed?

You don't necessarily need a hands-on Physical Therapist to heal your injury!
Consider a Virtual Concierge PT service that is more time efficient and customized to your specific needs and goals. Plus, receive 24/7 access to a doctor. Where else can you receive that?

As a former D1 athlete and current competitive runner, I understand the physical & mental challenges of competing at a high level. I'm committed to helping runners, active adults, and athletes return to sport and stay injury-free, while reaching full potential and achieving peak performance.  

Why Choose Virtual Concierge Physical Therapy?
Your Body Will FEEL The Difference

$30-60 co-pay


"One size fits all" treatment

Receive about 8 min of 1:1 time with PT 


Long, drawn-out generalized treatments

Difficult to find a PT experienced with runners and athletes


Physical Therapy Model

No co-pay

100% customized treatment

Receive a minimum of 30 min 1:1 care with PT

Time efficient, effective creative treatments

You'll work with a specialized & experienced PT dedicated to the runner/athlete and their associated injuries!


Running The Extra Miles

Virtual Concierge Physical Therapy Model

So, would you rather pay $240-480 in monthly co-pays, be left unattended for 75% of your session, and be double-or triple-booked with other patients?
Of course not!
Scroll to view membership options which include 24/7 care, provides better outcomes, faster results, and all from the comfort of your own home. 

Virtual Concierge Physical Therapy Membership Options


Here's What You'll Receive:


24/7 care from a doctor & programming via Running The Extra Miles app


2-3 custom rehab programs (updated every 2-4 weeks)


Each program includes 5 exercises (stability, mobility, flexibility, or strength focused)

Here's How To Get Started:

Book your FREE 30 minute consultation here!

After Your Consultation, Choose Your Membership Tier:

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