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Elevate Your Game with a Personalized Running & Strength Coach

Tired of your typical generic running and strength training programs? Are you finding yourself needing specific alterations to meet your individual needs? If so, this is for you!

A running or strength coach completely changes your experience and truly allows your performance to excel. This program is designed to reduce injury-risk while meeting your individual needs. 

Bonnie Wilder NYC marathon

1:1 Performance Coaching Services

1-1 run coaching

Run Coaching

Strength Coaching

1-1 strength coaching

Run & Strength Coaching

1-1 run & strength coaching

Why Should YOU Hire a Running or Strength Coach?

  • Ready to start running or building muscle but unsure where to begin? Maybe you've found a generic "one size fits all" plan online but have questions and don't have a specialist to ask. I design customized running and strength plans to foster your goals while taking into consideration your injury history and experience. 

  • Let's face it, injuries happen and are most common when you increase training intensity. Research has proven that with a personalized coach and custom running plan, your chance of injury decreases significantly because everything meets your individual needs.

  • Are you a well-established runner but unsure how to progress? I map out for you how many miles you should be running weekly and how to increase milage without injury. I'm experienced with creating running workouts (tempos, fartleks, interval training, track workouts, etc) designed to enhance your fitness, endurance, and VO2 max. I help you plan out strength training days - when to do them to avoid fatigue and key exercises that will benefit you. I take all of this information and make a plan that fits your goals and lifestyle! 

  • Do you want to build muscle, or target specific areas of the body but unsure which exercises are best? I am a movement specialist and know every muscle in the human body. I put together programs that will help you achieve your goals, while progressing sets, reps, and weight in a manner that won't cause injury.  

  • Is your lifestyle really busy? Maybe you're a full-time mom or dad, work 40+ hour weeks, or just have a lot on your plate and don't have time or motivation to run/get to the gym. You no longer need to be in charge of your training with a running or strength coach. I make all the plans for you and the only thing you need to do is show up and give your best effort! 

Everyone is built differently, and that's the beauty of our world. But, we should start training like it! With a custom running or strength plan and motivational, inspirational, and specialized coach, you will elevate and can say good-bye to injuries. 

I work virtually with my clients of all running levels to help them reach their goals. Integrating the perfect mix of strength training and running will produce the best outcomes. I offer 1:1 run coaching, 1:1 strength coaching, or both. If this is something that interests you, be sure to schedule a consult so I can learn more about your goals and how to best assist you!

Bonnie running Chicago Marathon

1:1 Custom Run Coaching

Personalized to fit your lifestyle and reach your goals

Bonnie Wilder 1-1 run coaching


20 minute free consultation call


Custom run programming via VDOT app (updated monthly)


Nutrition guidance to optimize performance


Unlimited communication


Injury prevention incorporated into plan based on injury history


Race week call for additional tips and tricks to optimize performance

$179/month (USD)

1:1 Custom Strength Coaching

Personalized to fit your lifestyle and reach your goals

Bonnie Wilder 1-1 strength coaching


20 minute free consultation call


3 custom strength plans on app

(updated monthly)


All programs designed by a doctor of Physical Therapy


Unlimited communication


Injury prevention incorporated into plan based on injury history


Check-in phone call after completion of each lift cycle

$149/month (USD)

1:1 Custom Run & Strength Coaching

Endulge in the best of both worlds! Maximize your potential. 

This can be YOU crossing the Boston Marathon finish line!!

Boston Marathon finisher
$279/month (USD)
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