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Improve Your Running with Increased Strength, Speed, Confidence, and Relief from Pain

Have a big race approaching?

Fighting a nagging injury?

 Need a specialized strength program?

 Receive a fully customized running program, virtual concierge physical therapy, or individulized strength program from a qualified, runner-focused physical therapist! 

Physical Therapy White Coat Ceremony
  • Virtual Concierge Physical Thearpy
  • Comprehensive Running Programs
  • Injury Rehabilitation Programs
  • Customized Strength Plans
  • 1:1 Personal Coaching

Welcome! I'm Bonnie Wilder and I offer the unique combination of being a Doctor of Physical Therapy, run coach, strength coach, and competitive runner. I'm here to help injuries, increase your fitness, and make your next race stronger, faster, and pain-free. 


Learn more about me here.

Bonnie Wilder running Chicago Marathon
Physical therapy

Services Offered

Performance coaching
Online programs

Physical Therapy

Virtual injury assessment custom rehab programs, made to restore function.

1:1 Performance Coaching

Custom training plans that fit your lifestyle and help achieve

your goals.

Online Programs

Ready-to-go running and strength training programs made to fit into your daily routine. 

Cheers To Success: What My Clients Are Saying...

Sofie - Denmark, EU

"I found Bonnie by coincidence on Instagram, which led to an amazing cooperation. Bonnie has been helping me with my bicep/shoulder pain the past two months and she had a clear idea from the start how to help me. From barely being able to sleep on it due to pain or even move it, to zero pain and now finally being able to do what I love - being active and strong. Bonnie has been checking in every week and answered any questions I had. Thank you SO much!"

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Why Work With Me? 

Bonnie Wilder running Chicago Marathon

My mission is to help every runner achieve their goals, injury-free! With 10+ years of experience, personalized coaching, and unyielding support, I take into consideration your background, concerns, goals, and current/past injuries.


The sky is the limit, and your potential is endless with the right amount of training and coaching. I'm here to be your encouragement and guide you through challenges.

Ready To Take That First Step?

Contact me and I'll schedule you for a virtual consultation!


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I can't wait to work with you.

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